Belmont University
B.S. Neuroscience (2011-2013)
Middle Tennessee State University
B.S. Biochemistry, Computer Science (2013-2018)
Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S. Computer Science (2018-2021)

Relevant Graduate-Level Coursework

Software Development Process

Obtained an understanding of the software development lifecycle, as well as a foundation for the UML modeling language.

Software Analytics and Testing

Developed an understanding of the importance of software testing, and became familiar with manual and unit testing (with JUnit). Also performed some light automated testing with Espresso.

Software Analysis and Design

Designed and implemented a simulation of a satellite exploration system as a group to apply principles of object oriented analysis and design. The project was completed using Java.

Database Systems Concepts and Design

Worked on a semester long team project designing and implementing a database and website for a faux tech-retail company. Gained an understanding of the SQL language and proper database design techniques as well as exposure to the Flask framework, CSS, and HTML.

Video Game Design

Created with a team of 4 other individuals. A seafaring adventure game in which the player, a ship captain, sails in search of a mythical beast, while freeing islanders from the clutches of evil pirates along the way. Developed in with the Unity engine using C#.


Goldsmith Repairs of Nashville
Store Manager, Jeweler (2015-2020)
  • Lead a team to open a new location and to successfully achieve 20% sales growth for 3 consecutive years.
  • Collaborated with clients to design and craft superior end products from customer ideas and descriptions.